Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) is one of the

key products offered by PROTON MARKETS.

Swap Rates

Proton Markets offer three different types of forex trading accounts with varying benefits and spreads. With the help of our experienced Account Service Managers, you can choose the best trading account for you.
Proton Markets offers CFDs for traders who are looking at CFDs as a substitute to Futures trading, they are derivative trading instruments offering opportunities to trade on the price movement of a wide range of financial markets including European, U.S and Asian market equity, commoditities futures.
Trading CFDs with Proton Markets will help expand your trading strategies all from one trading account.
* : Swaps are indicated in USD per lot
Please note that 3 days swaps are applied on Friday
The rollover rates posted above are indicative rates and are subject to change based upon market volatility. Proton Markets offer a wide range of trading platforms that support online Forex trading, that is tailored to suit all Forex trading styles.
Note: Please note that the indicated swaps are in pip value and applied for 3 night on Wednesday
Formula for swap calculation is:
PIP value * Number of lots * Swap rate * Number of Nights
We will betrading EUR/GBP (0.74700). A buy position held for 3 nights with a USD base currency.
PIP value of the pairs TERM currency to determine the swap charge and then converts it to the base currency of the account after the swap calculation iscomplete:
PIP value * Number of lots * Swap rate * Number of Nights
1 * 1 * -2.05. * 3 = -6.15 GBP
now you need to determine how much is -6.15 GBP in US dollars:
-6.15 GBP * 1.52350 (GBP/USD rate) = – 9.37 USD

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